Objective of the Our Programmes

To prepare qualified professionals to work in the core areas of operations, supervisory and management positions in the Tourism and Hospitality industry such as Hotels, Resorts, Cruise-ships and Restaurants, by providing them the prerequisite knowledge and skills for satisfactory job performance. 


The each programme last for one year. 


Level 1:  Certificate


Graduates of certificate programmes will be proficient in:

  1. Technical procedures in their functional department of study

  2. Basic computer skills with word processing, email and simple spreadsheet functionalities

  3. Broad understanding of the context of tourism and hospitality in The Gambia

  4. Application of life skills with relation to job seeking, health and life-long learning

  5. Service excellence in hospitality

  6. Hospitality communication in English.


Level 2:  Diploma


Graduates of certificate programmes will be proficient in:

  • Supervisory skills within their area of technical specialisation

  • Application of relevant hospitality Law at operational level

  • Basic accounting principles applied to hospitality

  • Basic entrepreneurial skills to start a small business

  • Intermediate computer skills in the MS Office suite


Level 3:  Advanced Diploma


Graduates of certificate programmes will be proficient in:

Applied management skills in their technical area of specialisation

General management skills

Advanced computer skills relating to word processing, spreadsheets and presentations

Application of general business law in hospitality operations

Advanced computer skills in the MS Office suite.


Inclusion of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism


According to the TedQual accreditation system the curriculum may reflect the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism in any of the following ways:

  1. as a transversal issue in all Modules,

  2. as a specific subject about ethics or both.


The GTHI agreed on the third option of including the GCoE in all Modules where possible as well as including a specific focus on it in the Core Subject of Tourism Studies at Certificate level.  This core subject is compulsory for all students. 

Labour Opportunities


After finalizing  each of the years of the programme the student will received an award that allows him or her to start working in hotels, restaurants or the cruise industry.


The  institute  has currently an agreement in the cruise ship industry to provide over 200 staff a year and a similar agreement is negotiated with a big number of Hotels in Dubai which demand of skill staff for the increasing  Hospitality Industry